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So Cal Wildfires

Hey folks,
Spent all day/night yesterday at the Sayre and Corona wildfires (Corona has since been renamed as part of the “Triangle Complex Fire”.  Some incredible images and incredible firestorm conditions.  Block after block of SFD’s fully involved in fire with minimal suppression resources available.  I’ll be editing some of the images later today and will get them up on my site shortly.  For now, I’ve put Episode 15 of the Fireground Action Photography podcast up on the site at and on iTunes.  This is a special episode because I carried a handheld MP3 recorder to the front lines with me to share the experience and the sounds of the fire.  Thanks to Ed Sherman, Keith Cullom, Glenn Zachman and Doug Pearson for their contributions to the show.  
The fires are still burning but please take some time out to download and listen to the podcast.  Images will follow, and if time permits, I will compile an enhanced version of the podcast complete with images.  Recording the action on the front lines was a unique experience.  I shot stills, video and audio.  Added to the normal chaos of a wildfire, I truly tested myself and I must say, I’m pleased with the results.  For example, while watching a Cathedral City engine company being overrun by flames, I was shooting stills with one hand, and recording video and audio with the other.  I’ll post everything as the week progresses and time permits.
Best wishes to not only the victims of these fires, but the public safety personnel and fellow fire photographers still out there.  
I’ll share one more thought.  I will never forget the pride I felt in one neighborhood in Yorba Linda when I was photographing a fully involved SFD with only two handlines in operation to extinguish it.  The amazing and unforgettable part for me was the image of a firefighter on the nozzle and three police officers backing him up on the line.  Next to that was another police officer putting out spot fires with a garden hose.  Absolutely amazing.  I’m getting emotional just remembering the moment.  Never before have I been so proud of my brothers in blue.  Although I didn’t jump on the line with them, I felt that documenting their efforts for history was why I was put in that neighborhood at that moment in time.  Otherwise, the public may never have known of the heroic efforts of these firefighters and police officers.  With a heartfelt thank you, job well done to all… 

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